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Mouth Guards For Super Thin Teeth Grinding

There are many ways to purchase a teeth grinding mouth guard. Depending on the severity of your grinding habit, you can purchase a custom-fitted device or a stock product. If you are grinding your teeth for an extended period of time, it may be best to get a custom-fitted device, as they will fit better than a generic version. In addition, you can choose between a soft or hybrid mouth guard, depending on your specific needs.

Custom-fitted night guards

If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from tooth grinding, custom-fitted night guards are an excellent choice. The Remi Custom Night Guard is available in three thicknesses, and comes with an information card. This card stores all your preferences, including the thickness of the guard. After you’ve received your guard, you’ll have to wear it for at least four weeks to get maximum benefits.

Over-the-counter night guards

Over-the-counter night guards are a good choice if you grind your teeth occasionally but don’t want to spend a lot of money. Boil-and-bite guards are designed to fit the shape of your mouth, so you can use them to protect your back teeth from light to moderate grinding. These devices come in packages of ten and are available at many drugstores.

Stock mouth guards

If you’re concerned about the quality of stock mouth guards for super thin teeth grinding, consider purchasing a custom-made one. Most manufacturers of custom-fit mouthguards will mail them out within 10 days after your purchase. Others will send you a kit to take an impression of your mouth. If you prefer to avoid the expense of a custom-fit mouthguard, EZ-Grips are a great choice. These guards are made from soft material and mold to the shape of your mouth. They’re usually sold in boxes of 10, so you’ll have several to choose from. Some companies will even offer a money-back guarantee, so you’re guaranteed your money back if you’re not satisfied with their product.

Hybrid night guards

If you’ve had trouble with tooth grinding, you may want to consider purchasing one of the many hybrid night guards available. They are made of durable acrylic plastic and are custom-made in a dental lab from your impressions. The two most popular types of hybrid night guards are soft and hard. Each guard has a slightly different profile and should be selected based on the level of grinding you’re experiencing.

Zyppah mouth guard

The Zyppah mouth guard is a hybrid of a traditional mouth guard and a tongue retainer. The tongue retainer pulls the tongue forward while you sleep, keeping your airways open. The mouthpiece can be customized to fit your teeth. The Zyppah also features boil-and-bite technology to customize the fit. You can purchase a reusable mouth guard or choose from three different colors.

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